Safety arrangements

Verkatehdas is committed to ensuring comprehensive and thorough event safety in accordance with the valid legislation and regulations of the authorities. Verkatehdas fulfills the requirements for the Check – Turvalliset tapahtumapaikat (Check – Safe venues) as specified by Event Industries Finland. Read here what the Check system signifies (in Finnish).

  • Only come to Verkatehdas when healthy. If you have any flu symptoms or you have been exposed to the coronavirus, do not enter our facilities.
  • Observe good hand hygiene. There are many places to wash hands and we have set up disinfectant stands at all entrances and at visible locations within the event venues.
  • We recommend that all customers wear face masks. Our personnel will be wearing face masks at events.
  • Observe safe distancing and avoid any close contacts with others. Customers will be guided so as to avoid any crowding. Special attention will be paid, in particular, to risk sites where people may gather, such as sales points and toilet facilities. The risk sites will be monitored and the public will be actively guided as necessary by the personnel of the organiser and Verkatehdas.
  • We recommend card payments. At Verkatehdas, you can make contactless payments.
  • Please note that due to the exceptional circumstances, our cloakroom is currently operating as a self-service cloakroom. This will prevent excessive queueing and crowding in the cloakroom area. If, however, you wish to take your belongings with you into the event venue, that is also possible. Please remember that Verkatehdas is not responsible for any belongings left in the self-service cloakroom.


Changes in opening hours

Exceptions to the opening hours of Verkatehdas have taken place due to the coronavirus situation. The current opening hours can be viewed here.

Coronavirus vaccinations at Verkatehdas

The City of Hämeenlinna has been vaccinating its residents against the coronavirus at Verkatehdas since 18 February 2021. A time for the vaccination must be booked in advance. Further information about the vaccinations.

Cancelled and rescheduled events

Due to the coronavirus situation, numerous events at Verkatehdas have had to be cancelled or rescheduled. If your event has been cancelled or rescheduled, you are eligible for a ticket refund. If an event has been rescheduled, your tickets are valid for the new date without any additional measures. However, if you choose, you are also entitled to apply for a ticket refund for tickets to rescheduled events.

You can apply for your refund through Ticketmaster. Further information from Ticketmaster instructions. Each event has its own deadline concerning the application for refunds. The deadline for specific events can be checked from the list below.

We have listed here all the events that have been affected by the coronavirus situation. Events are listed in alphabetical order.

EventOriginal dateCurrent dateDeadline for ticket refundsPromoter
AJARATAS Anneli Julén -juhlakonsertti3.5.2020CancelledRefund time expiredNaiskuoroyhdistys Timotei
Anna Puu: Heartbreak Hotel2.4.2020, 8.11.2020CancelledRefund time expiredCentral Line Entertainment
Club For Five: Jouluna 2020 1.12.2020CancelledRefund time expiredHämeen Sanomat
Costello Hautamäki & Hämeenlinna Big Band: Rock 'n' Roll 'n' Blues 'n' Jazz 30.4.2021CancelledRefund time expiredVerkatehdas ja Hämeenlinna Big Band
Helsingin Barokkiorkesteri9.4.2020 CancelledRefund time expiredHämeenlinnan Kaupunki
Helsingin Kaupunginteatterin vierailu: Kiviä taskussa 12.12.2020CancelledRefund time expiredHämeen Sanomat
Hämeenlinnan tanssi- ja liikuntakeskuksen näytös 12.5.2020CancelledRefund time expiredHämeenlinnan Tanssi- ja liikuntakeskus
Iloinen leski -operetti 27.3.20215.12.2021Refund time expiredOperart
Jaakko Saariluoma – Lavat auki21.3.2020CancelledRefund time expiredSuomen Stand Up Club
Janne Tulkki & Hämeenlinna Big Band 30.4.2020CancelledRefund time expiredHämeen Sanomat
Jarkko Ahola – Vain kotka lentää aurinkoon 7.11.2020, 6.3.2021CancelledRefund time expiredWarner Music Live
Jarkko Tamminen Kuuleeko Hämeenlinna? -imitaatioshow 23.4.202128.10.2021Refund time expiredComedy Corner
Johanna Iivanainen & Johanna Kurkela – ALTAMULLAN ROAD 29.11.2020, 17.3.2021CancelledRefund time expiredFullsteam Agency
Jorma Uotinen – 50-vuotistaitelijakiertue 28.10.2020CancelledRefund time expiredRH Entertainment
Jossain on kai vielä joulu – Leavings-orkesteri 26.11.2020, 11.11.202117.11.20221.12.2022Fullsteam Agency
Kaartin Soittokunta: Kevätkonsertti 16.4.2020CancelledRefund time expiredKaartin soittokunta
Kirka-musikaali – Hetki Lyö27.3.2020, 20.11.2020, 26.3.202118.2.2022Refund time expiredSuomen Musiikkiteatteri
Kuorot elokuvissa 2 16.5.2020CancelledRefund time expiredHämeenlinna-Vanaja Seurakunta
Mestareiden jäljissä -konsertti24.4.2020CancelledRefund time expiredRH Entertainment
MESTARIT Jorma Hynninen – Jaakko Ryhänen*17.4.2020, 4.11.2020, 18.3.202123.3.2022Refund time expiredHeartbrain
Meta4 & Theatre of Voices3.4.2020 CancelledRefund time expiredVerkatehdas
Muistoissamme Georg Ots26.4.2020CancelledRefund time expiredKonserttitoimisto Kumpulainen
National Russian Ballet from Moscow: Swanlake19.3.2020CancelledRefund time expiredHighlight productions
Neljä Ruusua28.3.2020, 24.9.2020CancelledRefund time expiredHämeen Sanomat
Puolustusvoimien varusmiessoittokunta: Kevään riemua 25.5.2020CancelledRefund time expiredPuolustusvoimien varusmiessoittokunta
Sami Hedberg 15v. juhlakiertue 9.10.2020, 8.5.20217.5.2022Refund time expiredHedberg Entertainment
Show Must Go On 21.11.2020, 19.3.202113.11.2021Refund time expiredSuomen Musiikkiteatteri
Sibelius-opiston puhallinosaston kuukausikonsertti27.3.2020CancelledRefund time expiredSibelius-opisto
Sibelius-opiston tanssiosaston näytös  20.5.2020CancelledRefund time expiredSibelius-opisto
Sinfonia Lahti 26.5.2020CancelledRefund time expiredHämeenlinnan kaupunki
Sinitaivas-konsertti 16.10.2020, 1.10.2021CancelledRefund time expiredRH Entertainment ja Gramofoni
Someone Like You – The Adele Songbook12.3.2020CancelledRefund time expiredVerkatehdas
Suvi Teräsniska: Ihmisen Poika20.3.2020, 12.3.2021, 6.11.202124.9.2022Refund time expiredWarner Music Live
Tango Legends 17.10.2020, 25.9.2021Cancelled31.10.2021Loud n' Live
Tanssi- ja liikuntakeskus: Joulunäytös 14.12.2020CancelledRefund time expiredTanssi- ja liikuntakeskus
Tanssien Tähtiin -Show 5.3.202112.2.2022Refund time expiredElevent Group Ltd
Tanssikoulu TR Studio: Tanssin päivän näytös Lasipihalla 29.4.2020CancelledRefund time expiredTanssikoulu TR Studio
Ti-Ti Nallen Talvirieha -konsertti** 3.11.2020, 23.3.2021, 6.10.202117.3.2022Refund time expiredTi-Ti Tuotanto
Tuure Kilpeläinen ja Kaihon karavaani: Paratiisi 2020***18.4.2020, 24.4.2021 24.4.2021Refund time expiredCentral Line Entertainment
Valehtelijan peruukki 24.10.2020CancelledRefund time expiredHämeen Sanomat
Verkatehtaan Vappu 1.5.2020 CancelledRefund time expiredVerkatehdas
Värttinä: Vieraissa25.4.2020CancelledRefund time expiredHämeen Sanomat

* Johanna Rusanen has replaced Jorma Hynninen as the second soloist on the tour. The name of the event has changed to Mestari ja Diiva – Jaakko Ryhänen ja Johanna Rusanen.

** The name of the event has changed to Ti-Ti Nalle, Nähdään taas! -konsertti.

*** The name of the event has changed to Tuure Kilpeläinen ja Kaihon Karavaani: Paluu paratiisiin 2022.