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For the media


We are happy to assist the media with any inquiries and requests for contact regarding Verkatehdas. Managing Director Janne Auvinen will handle all inquiries concerning Verkatehdas.

Brand instructions

If you are handling any matters related to the brand, marketing or communications of Verkatehdas, you can download the brand instructions below. The brand instructions advise on how to proceed in matters related to the visual expression and communication methods of Verkatehdas.

Download brand instructions.

More information on issues related to the Verkatehdas brand, marketing or communications can be requested from Oskari Raunio (+358 50 520 6150 /

Photos and logos

Go to Verkatehdas’ image bank.

The image bank contains photos of the facilities and events at Verkatehdas as well as from the area surrounding Verkatehdas. The photo bank contains downloadable versions of the Verkatehdas logo in PNG and PDF formats.

Media representatives and co-operative partners of Verkatehdas can download the files for their own use. Any photos used must clearly include a mention of the photographer’s name and Verkatehdas.

Commercial use of the photos must be agreed on separately with Verkatehdas and the photographer. More information can be provided by Oskari Raunio (+358 50 520 6150 /

Accreditation and photography/videography permission

Event organisers are responsible for the accreditation and photography/videography permissions for their own events. The organisers for each event can be found through Verkatehdas’ Event calendar. Verkatehdas does not grant accreditation or permissions for photography/videography on behalf of event organisers.

If you are inquiring about one of Verkatehdas’ own productions, you can request accreditation or photography/videography permission from Oskari Raunio (+358 50 520 6150 /

Photography, filming and audio recordings without permission are primarily prohibited at Verkatehdas events.


Contact us for more information.

“We’re happy to serve the media. Let’s get in touch!”

Janne Auvinen, CEO
+358 50 477 9091

“Call or email if there are any doubts about the photos, accreditations or other matters.”

Oskari Raunio, marketing coordinator
+358 50 520 6150