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Getting here

Verkatehdas, located in the centre of Hämeenlinna on the shore of the beautiful Lake Vanajavesi, is easy to reach by convenient transport connections.

Paasikiventie 2, FI-13200 Hämeenlinna

Verkatehdas is easy to reach by bicycle. The bicycle parking at Verkatehdas is located close to the main doors in the area between the main building and Lake Vanajavesi.

Verkatehdas is located approximately two kilometres from the motorway ramps, so it’s easy to reach by car from any direction. Verkatehdas is located less than one hundred kilometres from Lahti, Tampere and Helsinki.

There is plenty of parking space at the Verkatehdas, most of which is chargeable. However, the parking spaces available in front of the Verkatehdas during events are limited. We recommend using the Keinuparkki during events or prefer other arrival options instead of a car.

Information about parking:


There are a total of 119 parking spaces in front of the Verkatehdas, BioRex and the bridge of Paasikiventie. Five of these are reserved for disabled persons. In addition, there are five places for the disabled in front of the Hämeenlinna Theatre.

Several free short-term (max. 10 min) parking spaces are reserved and marked in front of the Verkatehdas main building and along Verkatehtaankuja for quick errands or for dropping off or picking up an individual at Verkatehdas.

  • Paasikiventie 2, FI-13200 Hämeenlinna
  • 50 metres from the main entrance of Verkatehdas
  • Paid parking in effect from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, and Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm
  • Free on Sundays
  • Price €1 / hour, minimum charge €0.50
  • Payment methods are coins, chip cards, Parkman, Moovy and Easypark (zone code 800)
  • Parking for taxis and buses is free in their specifically reserved spaces


Keinuparkki serves on Talaskuja, a few minutes’ walk from the Verkatehdas. The car park has 268 spaces with 6 spaces for disabled persons.

During public events, the parking spaces in front of the Verkatehdas fill up quickly, so we strongly recommend using Keinuparkki. Event guests can purchase the “Kulttuuriparkki”-ticket from the Keinuparkki payment machine one hour before the event in question.

Simply press the ‘Kulttuuri’ button on the payment machine, put your entry ticket in the machine and pay the 3 euro charge. The ticket then allows you to leave the parking garage within one hour after the event has ended.

  • Talaskuja 2, FI-13200 Hämeenlinna
  • 300 metres from the main entrance of Verkatehdas
  • Paid parking 24 h
  • Price €1 / h, €12 / 24 h, “Kulttuuriparkki” €3 / visit
  • Payment methods are cash, contactless payment cards and chip cards
  • Take a look at the video on how easy you can get from Keinuparkki to the main doors of Verkatehdas:


There are 66 parking spaces in the Hämeenkuja car park within walking distance of Verkatehdas. One of the places is reserved for the disabled.

  • Hämeenkuja 2, FI-13200 Hämeenlinna
  • 400 metres from the main entrance of Verkatehdas
  • Paid parking in effect from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm
  • Free on Sundays
  • Price €2 / h
  • Payment methods are coins, Parkman, eParking, Moovy, Easypark (parking zone code 444)

Art Museum

There are 12 two-hour free parking spaces in the area between the exhibition spaces of the Hämeenlinna Art Museum. You will turn right into the yard of the Art Museum along the park road that starts at the end of the Viipurintie bridge.

The entrance to Verkatehdas can also be reached by taxi. There are taxi posts located outside the main doors of Verkatehdas (Paasikiventie 2) and in front of Hämeenlinna Theatre (Viipurintie 4). The taxi service is provided by Taksi Häme.

The local bus stops that are nearest to Verkatehdas are Terveyskeskus I and Terveyskeskus L on Viipurintie road, and Pikkujärvi E and Pikkujärvi P on Keinusaarentie road. The local bus timetable is available from Hämeenlinna’s route guide.

The Hämeenlinna bus station is also located only about 700 metres from Verkatehdas, at Eteläkatu 1, FI-13200 Hämeenlinna. The bus station is one of the hubs for the country’s bus traffic, and there are several daily connections to other cities around Finland. Information about the routes and timetables is available from the Matkahuolto website.

Hämeenlinna railway station is located only 700 metres from Verkatehdas at Hämeentie 16, FI-13200 Hämeenlinna. Hämeenlinna railway station is one of the primary stations along the main railway track and offers connections to different areas of Finland. Train timetables are available from the VR website.

The closest airports to Verkatehdas are the Tampere-Pirkkala Airport (distance 85 km) and Helsinki Airport (95 km). From the airports, Hämeenlinna can be reached by railway and motorway. Information about the airports can be found from Finavia’s website.

Main building map

Aluekartta Verkatehdas


Area map

Aluekartta Verkatehdas

Distance map

Etäisyyskartta Verkatehdas