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Information on COVID-19 vaccinations at the Verkatehdas Event Centre

Published 8.10.2021
Updated 31.5.2022

The city of Hämeenlinna has vaccinated citizens against the coronavirus at the Verkatehdas since 18 February 2021. Vaccinations at Verkatehdas will continue until the beginning of June: the last vaccination day at Verkatehdas is 1.6.2022. Here you can find more information about the vaccinations at the Verkatehdas.

You can find more information about vaccinations also from the website of the city of Hämeenlinna. More information is also available at the website of the Finnish institute for health and welfare.


Coronavirus vaccination should be scheduled in advance. Residents of Hämeenlinna can make an appointment electronically at or by calling 03 6219 893.

The exception to this is walk-in vaccinations, which do not require an appointment in advance. In walk-in vaccinations, guests are vaccinated on a first-come, first-served basis, so be prepared to wait your turn.

Vaccinations for ages 5 to 11

The city of Hämeenlinna has also started vaccinations of children aged 5 to 11 at the Verkatehdas. The vaccine for children is different from the vaccine for adults.

Vaccination time for ages 5 to 11 can be booked through the new appointment service at More information on vaccinations for 5 to 11-year-olds can be found here.

Novavax vaccinations

You can also make an appointment to Verkatehdas for Novavax vaccination. Novavax is authorized for use in people over 18 years of age and older.

According to national guidelines, the vaccine is given to people who cannot be given the mRNA or adenoviral vector vaccine. In addition, the target group is especially those who have reached the age of 60 and are at medical risk and have not yet received any dose of the vaccine.

Vaccines can also be given to other people over the age of 18 who want this vaccine instead of other products. You can find more information about Novavax here.

Vaccination schedules

Vaccinations at the Verkatehdas will continue until the beginning of June. Remaining vaccination days:

  • Wed 18.5. 9–17.35
  • Wed 25.5. 9–17.35
  • Wed 1.6. 9–16.30

After the last vaccination day, the vaccinations will be transferred to the premises of Viipurintie Central Guidance Center.

Arrival for vaccinations

Verkatehdas is in the center of Hämeenlinna, at Paasikiventie 2, 13200 Hämeenlinna.

The parking spaces are limited. If possible, we recommend other arrival options instead of a car. You can find more information about the different options on the Getting here -page.

Please also note the following when arriving:

  • On vaccination days, our parking area has traffic control.
  • Parking on vaccination days in the parking area of ​​Verkatehdas is free of charge.
  • Please arrive inside the building about 5 minutes before the start of the vaccination period. This will ensure that the time spent at the vaccination centre is as short as possible to avoid extra contact.
  • Arrival for vaccinations takes place through the main entrance of the Verkatehdas, which can be found on the lakeside of the building.

From December 2021, the vaccination cubicles will be transferred from the foyers of the Verkatehdas to the Kehräämö Conference Room. Kehräämö is located in the main building of the Verkatehdas, and the transfer will not cause any changes to the arrival. Arrival still takes place through the main entrance of the Verkatehdas, and customers are instructed in the correct vaccination cubicle.

Action during vaccinations

Please note the following during vaccinations:

  • Don’t arrive if you aren’t healthy.
  • Come for vaccination only for the scheduled time (excluding walk-in vaccinations).
  • Wear a face mask.
  • Disinfect hands on arrival and departure.
  • Maintain safety distances while waiting for others.
  • Bring a Kela card and bring it out while you wait.
  • Dress so that your upper arm is easily exposed.
  • Be prepared to remain under observation for 15 minutes after vaccination.