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Businesses in the Verkatehdas quarter

A dynamic centre of creativity, art and culture in Hämeenlinna

The Verkatehdas quarter is home to around 40 different-sized properties that are well-suited to be used for commercial purposes. The Verkatehdas quarter is a dynamically creative community, since the businesses located in the commercial spaces in the quarter particularly represent the creative sector. The sizes of the commercial spaces in the quarter range from 10 to 200 m², so they suit a wide variety of businesses that differ in operations and size.

Approximately 40 companies, communities or freelancers have rented space in Verkatehdas’ commercial facilities. The businesses in the Verkatehdas quarter form a creative community with access to a diverse and seemingly endless list of services. In the quarter, you can pass the time by, for example, enjoying different cultural interests and eating at any of the delicious restaurants. The businesses also have access to a variety of different services, such as IT and marketing-related services.

Verkatehdas quarter is also a place of knowledge. In the quarter, you’ll find lower and upper secondary educational opportunities, and the local office of YLE, which provides general news and information to the public.

Would you like to be part of the Verkatehdas quarter community? View available commercial space.

Area businesses


Arkkitehtuuri Oy Lehtinen Miettunen

Arkkitehtuuri Oy Lehtinen Miettunen

Art and Joy, OMATA

Bio Rex

Bio Rex Oy

Eva-Riitta Pesonen

Eva-Riitta Pesonen

Hiili Hiilesmaa

Hiili Hiilesmaa

Hyria Education

Hämeenlinna Art Museum

Hämeenlinnan Teatteri

Kanresta Oy

ARX – Open Cultural Centre

Lyseon koulu

Advertising Agency Precis

Marin Grilli


Oksidia Oy

Ravinteli Vintti


Studio Jyrki Toivanen

Studio Kuvahovi


YLE Hämeenlinna