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Organize a party, a gala, or other celebration events at Verkatehdas

A spectacular party milieu at your disposal

Combining the historical factory milieu and the beautiful Vanajavesi landscape, the Verkatehdas area offers first-class opportunities for organizing various parties. A versatile and adaptable venue selection, high-quality catering and functional presentation technology ensure that a party organized at Verkatehdas will be a success.

Spend the season’s most stylish Christmas party with easy packages

Although fully-customized parties and galas can be done at Verkatehdas, easy Christmas party packages are also available. The packages combine the buffet menus of Verkatehdas Restaurant and the versatile offering of concerts and performances of the Verkatehdas Quarter.

You can view our three Christmas party packages here (unfortunately only in Finnish).

Customize the party according to your needs

With the help of our flexible venue solutions and the support of the staff, the celebration can be customized down to every detail. In addition to the atmosphere and catering, various programme options support the success of the events.

Most importantly, our expert staff supports the party organizer from the first idea until the lights go out.

At Verkatehdas the following celebrations, for example, will be successful:

Crown the year by organizing a stylish christmas party! Verkatehdas offers all the features you expect.

The Vanaja Hall offers a first-class gala milieu, complemented by high-quality restaurant services.

Close to a milestone? Welcome to celebrate at Verkatehdas!

What options does Verkatehdas offer for organizing parties and galas?

At Verkatehdas, you can customize the party to your liking, down to every detail! Our staff helps to map out the steps of even a more complicated occasion.

You can also choose an easy and simple, but entertaining option by combining the public event of the Vanaja Hall, menus of the Verkatehdas Restaurant and separate venues.

Multi-day parties are also a great success, as our partner hotel Vaakuna is just a short walk away.

These venues are particularly suitable for parties and galas:

“The venues of the Verkatehdas were suitable when the need was to fit the technique on the hall side and on the stage. The artists also had enough space of their own. The communication was smooth, and the customer’s needs were answered quickly and flexibly.”

Mona Karlberg, DNA Oyj

Planning an event? Let us help you

“Verkatehdas provides quality in the form of functional spaces and dynamic event expertise. We’ll make optimal arrangements and help you to achieve your event objectives.”

Rita Kujanpää, Sales Manager
+358 40 868 2158

Desire Lindell-Hautala, Sales and Event Coordinator
+358 50 595 6704

Rita Kujanpää
Desire Lindell-Hautala