The stage in Vanaja Hall serves the needs of TV productions

The versatile and adaptable facilities of Verkatehdas offer a great many alternatives to realise different types of productions, such as TV and film productions, different types of videography/photography and event productions. The primary site for TV production activities is the heart of Verkatehdas, Vanaja Hall, whose performance stage can be utilised in a number of ways.

The size of the stage is adjustable. The height of the stage reaches 15.5 metres, which makes it possible to integrate large stage effects and structures. The seating in Vanaja Hall can be transformed from theatre seating to a flat floor or club seating, so it can also be utilised creatively for productions.

The acoustics in Vanaja Hall can be adjusted. Lift technology facilitates the transfer of large amounts of equipment, and loading is made as easy as possible via a connection on the same level as the loading platform.

Productions can also be given additional dimensions through the use of the Green Studio. The Studio is equipped with a green screen cloth of around 50 m² that can be used for creating different backdrops and special effects.


The rugged factory setting offers many interesting locations for photography and filming

In addition to Vanaja Hall and the Green Screen Studio, the other venues and outdoor areas of Verkatehdas offer functional locations for all types of productions. The Glass Atrium is a spacious venue filled with natural light. The outdoor space at Verkatehdas is characterised by the rugged factory setting set against the breathtaking scenery of Lake Vanajavesi. The inner yards and old factory corridors provide an abundance of trendy industrial surroundings.


Verkatehdas personnel provide invaluable production planning assistance

Thorough planning and attention to details are vital for large productions. Our expertly-skilled personnel provide support for you in these areas. We are here to assist you from the initial idea to ensuring, on site, that the entire production runs as smoothly as possible. Take full advantage of the comprehensive technical equipment and expertise that Verkatehdas has to offer.

Why are the Verkatehdas facilities a good choice for productions?

The facilities and technical solutions in Vanaja Hall make it a top-quality venue with the space to accommodate large and spectacular effects. The Hall can be transformed to suit different needs and the transfer of large amounts of equipment or goods is easy and convenient.

The Green Screen Studio at Verkatehdas enables the addition of spectacular virtual props to productions. When you utilise green screen technology, almost the only limitation is your imagination.

The Verkatehdas quarter combines the rustic, industrial environs of a former factory with the beautiful nature around Lake Vanajavesi. Both aspects of the site offer an abundance of fabulous film, photography and productions locations.

Optimal venues for production purposes:

“We received a warm and accommodating reception from Verkatehdas, the likes of which are rare indeed. It has been a great pleasure to work with the personnel of Verkatehdas. We got everything we asked for – and more!”

Piia Puntola, Fremantle Finland

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