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Organize a public event at Verkatehdas

Adaptability and diversity are the strengths of Vanaja Hall

The 703-seat Vanaja Hall at Verkatehdas is a highly suitable venue for different public events. Owing to its adaptability, Vanaja Hall is ideal for a wide range of different event requirements: the stands can be configured in different arrangements and the acoustics can always be adjusted to optimally serve the presentation in question.

Vanaja Hall can change from theatre to club seating or even to level floor seating for a rock concert with an audience of up to 1,176 guests. The Hall hosts equally well, for example, classical music and rock concerts, dance, theatre and circus performances as well as stand-up comedy.

At Verkatehdas your public event will be a success

The highly skilled personnel at Verkatehdas ensure an efficient and smooth process when it comes to organising public events. We help with the event planning and practical arrangements, and make certain that our high-standard facilities serve the needs of performers throughout the entire event. During the event itself, we make certain that the wishes of even large audiences are realised so that the performers can focus completely on performing.

At Verkatehdas, you can charm your audience in the following ways, for example:

Verkatehdas lives and breathes concerts and gigs. Thanks to the adjustable acoustics, the Vanaja Hall, which can hold 703 spectators, serves both classical music concerts and electronic sound reproduction events.

In addition to the acoustics, the stand is also adjustadle: instead of a rising stand, the hall can be converted into a flat floor that can hold almost 1,200 spectators.

The stage of the Vanaja Hall is also great as a stage for theater performances.

Circus and dance performances, for example, also suit Verkatehdas perfectly. The generous 15.5 meter free height of the Vanaja Hall stage ensures that even larger hangings are possible.

It is easy to create an immediate connection between the mic, the voice and the audience with the help of the Vanaja Hall’s functional voice reproduction.

Thanks to its adaptability, high-quality technical solutions, a stage height of up to 15.5 meters, and efficient logistics, the Vanaja Hall also serves when performances are to be broadcast via TV.

In addition to the Vanaja Hall, there is a lot of ancillary space in the building, and the rough factory milieu offers plenty of shooting locations.

Why is Vanaja Hall the perfect place to hold public events?

The high-standard technical solutions in Vanaja Hall are designed to optimally serve event organisers. Acoustics, equipment, systems and other technical aspects have been designed to provide the optimal support for different types of productions.

The shape of Vanaja Hall can be adapted in the manner that best suits each event held there. Vanaja Hall can be transformed to a theatre or club setting or a level floor arrangement for different types of concerts. The size of the stage can also be adjusted.

Vanaja Hall is situated in an environment where stylish old factory ambiance meets the beautiful scenery of Lake Vanajavesi. Its location is central and can easily be reached from near and far.

Our optimal venues for public events

“Over the past thirty years, we have played in many concert halls on many different continents. We found Verkatehdas in Hämeenlinna to be one of the most enjoyable in recent years. The hall is extremely well built and equipped. The technology and administration ensured that the performers felt at home, the catering was ample and the marketing was on point, so the artists were able to focus simply on giving an exquisite performance. A five-star venue with a five-star personnel.”

Patrick Lee-Thorp, Producer & Manager, Dizu Plaatjies & Ibuyambo

Planning an event? Let us help you

“Verkatehdas provides quality in the form of functional spaces and dynamic event expertise. We’ll make optimal arrangements and help you to achieve your event objectives.”

Rita Kujanpää, Sales Manager
+358 40 868 2158

Desire Lindell-Hautala, Sales and Event Coordinator
+358 50 595 6704

Rita Kujanpää
Desire Lindell-Hautala