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Event venues

Spectacular and functional venues for a variety of events

At Verkatehdas, you’ll find a large selection of stylish, functional and adaptable venues for different needs. The 703-seated Vanaja Hall, with its endless list of equipment and possibilities, is ideal for larger audiences and grand events. The Hall can be used to realise even the most demanding visions, from corporate parties and rock concerts to product launches and elegant dinner galas – and the ease of transformation in the Hall makes it possible to host two of these events even during the same day.

Verkatehdas’ Conference Centre has different types of conference rooms that are ideal for effective meetings and teamwork. The luxurious auditoriums of the BioRex cinema can also be utilised for meetings, as well as the multifunctional Kehräämö conference room. The Green Studio offers nearly limitless possibilities for the realisation of a virtual world, and all our venues are connected at the core of our property by the airy and open Glass Atrium. In our restaurant and foyer areas, you can order catering by the brilliant chefs of the Verkatehdas Restaurant as the perfect addition to your event.

Näyttävien yritystapahtumien järjestäminen on helppoa Verkatehtaalla.

200-1176 person

Vanaja Hall

Vanaja Hall is an adaptable concert hall for up to 703 seated customers and the ideal venue for different types of events. In addition to concerts, Vanaja Hall can be transformed to optimally meet the needs of all sorts of public and business events.

Vanaja Hall is the ideal space for:

  • Public events
  • Business events
  • Parties and galas
  • Fairs and festivals

300 person

Glass Atrium

At the centre of the main Verkatehdas building, the venues are joined by a glass-covered inner yard known as the Glass Atrium. This open, light and versatile space serves well as, for example, an inspiring event lobby, a memorable party venue or a classy exhibition space.

The Glass Atrium is the ideal space for:

  • Parties and galas
  • Business events
  • Fairs and festivals

60 person

Conference Centre

The second floor of the main Verkatehdas building is dedicated to the Conference Centre, which is comprised of three stylish and functional conference rooms as well as the Studio. The rooms of the Conference Centre are ideal for meetings and gatherings of 15–60 people.

The Conference Centre is ideal for:

  • Meetings
  • Business events

205 person

BioRex cinema auditoriums

The BioRex cinema operating within the main Verkatehdas building has cinema auditoriums that are ideal for different types of meetings and business events. The cinema was renovated during 2017 and 2018, and, as one would expect, its auditoriums are equipped with plush seats, a large screen, soft acoustics and functional presentation technology.

The BioRex cinema auditoriums are ideal for:

  • Meetings
  • Business events

200 person

Kehräämö conference room

Kehräämö is about 450 m² of classic all-purpose meeting space that can be furnished according to your needs, for example, with exhibition tables, fair stands, dining tables or seating for a traditional meeting arrangement.

Kehräämö conference room is the ideal space for:

  • Meetings
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Business events
Lämpiö 3. kerros Verkatehdas

200 person

Restaurant and foyer areas

Verkatehdas has a number of high-standard and comfortable restaurant and foyer areas that can be utilised in connection with different events. They serve the public during intermissions at concerts and other public events, but can also be utilised at other times, particularly for events looking to seamlessly combine event content and exquisite catering.

The restaurant and foyer areas are the ideal spaces for:

  • Parties and galas
  • Business events
  • Fairs and festivals

Find the right venue for your event:

TheatreRows of chairsClassroom seatingU-shaped tableBoardroom seatingDining seatingCocktail partyFlat floor and balconiesClub seatingExhibition stands
Vanaja Hall703200200117626614
Glass Atrium25019230019
Conference room 1603640
Conference room 216
Conference room 320
BioRex Prime205
BioRex 2140
BioRex 3119
BioRex 548
Verkatehdas Restaurant 140200
Second floor foyer 14017
Third floor foyer 64

Open the gateway to unforgettable events.

“The electronic sound system in Vanaja Hall receives well-deserved praise from both audiences and technicians. Our space also serves as a brilliant venue for acoustic music. The covered loading platform makes it easy to push boxes onto the stage without having to deal with doorsteps. In addition to suspension points, we also provide chain hoists and bar hoists, so no additional ground support is necessary. In addition to the Hall, Verkatehdas has a diverse and functional selection of other venues for different types of events. Welcome to Verkatehdas!”

Tommi Kantanen, Technical Manager
+358 40 557 3148