BioRex cinema auditoriums

The BioRex cinema auditoriums provide luxuriously soft seating and acoustics

The BioRex cinema operating within the main Verkatehdas building has cinema auditoriums that are ideal for different types of meetings, seminars and company events. The cinema was renovated during 2017 and 2018, and, as one would expect, its auditoriums are equipped with plush seats, a large screen, soft acoustics and functional presentation technology.

The seating and acoustics make for an effective and pleasant meeting environment – perhaps even so pleasant it sometimes doesn’t even feel like a meeting.

BioRex Prime Verkatehdas © Oskari Raunio

BioRex Prime

BioRex Prime is a stylish cinema auditorium that seats 205 persons. The BioRex chain only has two Prime auditoriums in Finland: one of them can be utilised by Verkatehdas customers.


Rows of chairs

BioRex 2

BioRex 2 is the second largest cinema auditorium in Verkatehdas. The 8 rows of the auditorium provide seating for 140 persons, which makes it suitable for larger meeting, training or seminar groups.


Rows of chairs

BioRex 3, Verkatehdas

BioRex 3

BioRex 3 can be used for groups of around 100 persons. The auditorium has 119 seats.


Rows of chairs

BioRex 5, Verkatehdas

BioRex 5

BioRex 5 is the smallest of the cinema auditoriums but, with seating for 48 persons, is ideal as a compact meeting environment for smaller groups.


Rows of chairs

Setup examples

Additional information

All BioRex cinema auditoriums are equipped with 4K laser projectors and the large screens and comfortable seating that is typical of cinemas. All cinema auditoriums have the following standard equipment:

  • PA technology
  • Computer
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • Flip chart

The BioRex cinema auditoriums are ideal for:

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