Green Studio

The Green Studio at Verkatehdas takes virtual meetings to a new level

Verkatehdas’ Conference Centre has its own Green Studio, which serves as a highly versatile event venue. The Studio is equipped with approximately 50 m2 of green screen background accompanied by diverse technology. Owing to the green screen technology, the Studio offers versatile, high-quality possibilities to host different virtual and hybrid events. The space can also be used as a traditional meeting space or photography studio.

Green screen technology refers to the technology used, for example, in film productions and weather reporting, to create virtual props that enhance the visual expression.  The technology can be used in virtual events, for example, as follows:

  • The virtual event studio can be completely designed and realised in accordance to your own wishes and needs.
  • Your own visual image and logo can be integrated into the event studio.
  • The event can virtually be taken to a known location.
  • Multiple screens and live performances can be combined within the performance situation.
  • Video and photos can be used as event graphics.

The possibilities offered by green screen technology are not limited to these examples, but rather your imagination is practically the only thing that limits your options. If you have an idea for how you might utilise the Green Studio, just ask us about for more information or read more about our virtual packages.


Classroom seating
U-shaped table
Boardroom seating

Setup examples

Additional information

Total area: 101 m².

Green screen background, area of approx. 50m².

The standard equipment in the Green Studio includes:

  • Green screen cloth, area of approx. 50m2
  • Video projector
  • Video lighting
  • PA technology
  • Computer
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • Flip chart
  • Projection screen

The Green Studio has an induction loop.
View the induction loop zone here.

The Green Studio is ideal for the following events:

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