Restaurant and foyer areas

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Verkatehdas has a number of high-standard and comfortable restaurant and foyer areas that can be utilised in connection with different events. They serve the public during intermissions at concerts and other public events, but can also be utilised at other times, particularly for events looking to seamlessly combine event content and exquisite catering.

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Verkatehdas Restaurant

Verkatehdas Restaurant, located on the first floor of Verkatehdas, serves event guests from breakfast to supper. The trendy restaurant is an excellent choice for a corporate parties or customer events that call for scheduled catering throughout a day-long programme. The event space can be furnished with dining tables or, alternatively, with standing tables and a podium.


Dining seating

Cocktail party

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Second floor foyer

The second floor foyer of Verkatehdas serves customers during event intermissions in Vanaja Hall. At other times, the foyer serves as a versatile venue space. The foyer is directly connected to the restaurant kitchen, making it the easy choice for catered events. The foyer can also conveniently be accessed from Verkatehdas’ Conference Centre.


Dining seating

Fair space (sections)

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Third floor foyer

The upper foyer is located on the third floor of the main Verkatehdas building. It has a direct connection to the upper balcony of Vanaja Hall and serves intermission customers during public events in Vanaja Hall. The upper foyer is suitable for events of around 60 people, and is an excellent choice for a dining space.


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Additional information

Area of restaurant: approx. 190 m2

Area of 2nd floor foyer: approx. 145 m2

Area of 3rd floor foyer: approx. 100 m2

A stage and presentation technology can be arranged upon request in the restaurant and foyer areas.

The restaurant and foyer areas are the ideal spaces for:

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