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Vanaja Hall

Our first-rate concert hall is the heart of Verkatehdas

Vanaja Hall is an adaptable concert hall for up to 703 seated customers and the ideal venue for different types of events. In addition to concerts, Vanaja Hall can be transformed to optimally meet the needs of all sorts of public and business events. It works equally as a functional venue for classical music concerts, rock gigs, theatre, dance, seminars, gala events, dinners, meetings and stand-up comedy.

The lower stall of Vanaja Hall is adapted using a telescopic seating structure that makes it possible to transform rising auditorium seating to a flat floor or terraced club arrangement. Rising auditorium seating is suitable, for example, for seminars and theatre performances, whereas the flat floor configuration is ideal for intimate rock gigs or large dining tables. When the flat floor arrangement is used, Vanaja Hall can accommodate up to 1,176 people.

Like the lower stall, the size and layout of the stage in Vanaja Hall can also be adapted as needed. Changes can be made even during the event, see an example in the video! The clearance height of the stage is 15.5 metres and when the wing areas are connected, the total area of the stage is as much as 400 m². The stage can also be lowered to form an orchestra pit. The acoustics in Vanaja Hall are high-quality and adjustable, and our technical solutions have taken the needs of demanding productions into consideration.


Flat floor and balconies
Club seating
Classroom seating
Dining seating
Exhibition stands

Setup examples

“The electronic sound system in Vanaja Hall receives well-deserved praise from both audiences and technicians. Our space also provides a brilliant venue for acoustic music. The covered loading platform makes it easy to push boxes onto the stage without having to deal with any doorsteps. In addition to suspension points, we also provide chain hoists and bar hoists, so no additional ground support is necessary. Welcome to Verkatehdas!”

Tommi Kantanen, Technical Manager
+358 40 557 3148

The lower stall of Vanaja Hall is adapted using a telescopic seating structure that makes it possible to transform rising auditorium seating to a flat floor or terraced club arrangement.

Area of the flat floor: 16.2 m x 17 m = 275 m²

Also the stage of the Vanaja Hall can be modified. The sizes can be adjusted by removing the front rows of chairs, as well as combining the stage area with the side and rear stages. Measurements of the stage:

  • Stage, when the hall is in its standard shape: 17.5 m x 9.5 m = 166 m2
  • Stage, when the hall is without first 2 rows: 17.5 m x 11.5 m = 201 m2
  • Stage, when the hall is without first 4 rows: 17.5 m x 13.5 m = 236 m2
  • Orchestra pit: 15 m x 4 m = 60 m2 (depth from the edge of the stage 2.4 m)
  • Open stage: 17.5 m x 15.5 m
  • Clearance height of stage: 15.5 m
  • The wings and backstage area: 200 m2 (Height: 8 m)

The technology in Vanaja Hall is up to the challenge of even the most demanding productions. We have endeavoured to ensure that our system designs will be as compatible as possible with the systems currently in use by touring companies.

  • Lighting console: MA Lighting grandMa2
  • Moving lights: Martin, Robe, Vari-Lite
  • Sound reproduction: Nexo GEO S12
  • Mixing console: DiGiCo SD8
  • Video projector: Barco HDX-W18
  • MDG Hazer
  • 300 m² dance floor
  • Backdrop curtain (black)
  • Wing curtains (black)

Productions are made easier with the help of lifting technology and a stage that can be adjusted in size as needed. The clearance height of the stage is 15.5 metres, which allows for spectacular effects. Vanaja Hall is also equipped with a wireless Internet connection.

Download the lighting plot of Vanaja Hall here.

An induction loop system is in use in rows 5–15 of Vanaja Hall.

View the induction loop zone here.

The reverberation time in the Hall is modified using acoustic panels and upholstery fabrics.

The loading platform at Verkatehdas is on the same level as the stage of Vanaja Hall. A 15-metre flat push leads from the loading platform to the stage. A lift connection easily facilitates loading from the street level to the loading platform.

Floor load capacity:

  • Orchestra platforms: static 450 kg / m2, dynamic 250 kg / m2
  • Fixed floor: 1000 kg / m2

Vanaja Hall is the ideal space for:

Planning an event? Let us help you

“Verkatehdas provides quality in the form of functional spaces and dynamic event expertise. We’ll make optimal arrangements and help you to achieve your event objectives.”

Rita Kujanpää, Sales Manager
+358 40 868 2158

Desire Lindell-Hautala, Sales and Event Coordinator
+358 50 595 6704

Rita Kujanpää
Desire Lindell-Hautala