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Glenn Miller Orchestra – A Tribute To The Maestro

Even 80 years after Glenn Miller‘s disappearance, his
music is played around the world. We want to pay
attention to this with a special tribute concert to our

In just 4 years, Glenn Miller launched 23 so-called
“number one hits” – more than both Elvis and the Beatles.
With its unique sound, the Glenn Miller Orchestra is
considered one of the most successful big bands of all
time. Glenn Miller would have turned 120 on March 1,
2024. Between songs during the concert, orchestra leader
Jan Slottenäs talks about Glenn Miller’s life, as a common
thread throughout the program.

Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia was formed in 2010
under license from Glenn Miller Productions, Inc., New
York, U.S.A. and tours regularly in Sweden, Norway,
Denmark and Finland. The orchestra, led by trombonist
Jan Slottenäs, is based in Stockholm and includes several
younger musicians from Sweden’s jazz elite. The orchestra
is internationally known as the premier of the licensed
orchestras playing under the Glenn Miller name.


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Paasikiventie 2, 13200 Hämeenlinna


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  • 19.10.2024 16:00
Verkatehdas, Vanaja Hall
  • 66 €
  • 53,50 €
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Event duration:
2 h 45 min

Intermission: Yes

Event Organiser:
Glenn Miller Orchestra, Scandinavia