Programme services

Public events at Verkatehdas

Numerous different public events, such as concerts, stand-up gigs and dance performances are held every year at Verkatehdas. Vanaja Hall is directly connected, for example, to our Conference Centre, which makes it convenient for combining public events with a company or private event.

We are happy to work with our customers to tailor a company or private event that will work smoothly in connection with a public event of their choosing. You can view all of the upcoming public events in our Event calendar.


Other businesses in the Verkatehdas quarter

In addition to Verkatehdas’ own public events, the businesses in the quarter provide a wide range of different cultural services that can be utilised to enrich your event. Your event guests may enjoy, for example, theatre performances at the Hämeenlinna Theatre, films at the BioRex cinema or live music at the Suistoklubi bar. Art experiences are provided by Hämeenlinna Art Museum and GalleriaKONE. Read more about the businesses in the Verkatehdas quarter and their services here.


Kokouspiste offers assistance in planning event programmes

Kokouspiste is a versatile company serving the needs of meetings, congresses and events. By utilising the services provided by Kokouspiste, you can enhance your event content with, for example, special decor, technical solutions, event materials or different programme features, such as speakers and party bands. Kokouspiste also provides assistance in event management and registration services. Read more about Kokouspiste here.


Action Factory (Suomen Tilausaktiviteetit) adds fun to the day and provides your team with a well-deserved break

Action Factory organises themed competitions indoors and outdoors with a turnkey approach. Their popular services include escape room games, soapbox car races, sumo wrestling, “strange olympics” and different types of urban orienteering competitions. Check out the services of the Action Factory (in Finnish).

Planning an event? Let us help you

“Verkatehdas provides quality in the form of functional spaces and dynamic event expertise. We’ll make optimal arrangements and help you to achieve your event objectives.”

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Rita Kujanpää