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Verkatehdas ticket sales

Tickets for Vanaja Hall events and Hämeenlinna Theatre performances – the list also includes all Ticketmaster and events

Verkatehdas ticket sales counter is located next to the main entrance of the main Verkatehdas building. We sell tickets to events taking place in Verkatehdas’ Vanaja Hall as well as to Hämeenlinna Theatre performances.

Our selection also includes all Ticketmaster and events marketed nationally.


Verkatehtaan julkisivu syksyllä

Verkatehdas ticket sales

Paasikiventie 2, FI-13200 Hämeenlinna

Arrival directions

+358 60 016 060  (€0.76/min+mcc/lnc)

Ticket sales is open mon–Fri 10 am–5 pm and in connection with public events (the ticket sales opens 75 min before the start of events, unless the event is sold out)

Check for possible opening hour exceptions

Debit and credit cards (with the exception of American Express cards) can be used as payment for purchases from Verkatehdas ticket sales. Ticketmaster Gift Cards can be used to purchase tickets to events in Verkatehdas’ Vanaja Hall and other nationally marketed Ticketmaster events. gift vouchers can be used as payment for Hämeenlinna Theatre performances and other nationally marketed events.

Smartum (only mobile app, not vouchers), Edenred and Epassi are suitable payment methods as allowed by their terms and conditions of use. These payment methods can, however, only be used to purchase tickets to events in Verkatehdas’ Vanaja Hall and to Hämeenlinna Theatre performances, not to any events marketed nationally by Ticketmaster or

Through Verkatehdas ticket sales, you can book tickets for events held in Vanaja Hall or put on by Hämeenlinna Theatre or Hämeenlinna’s Summer Theatre. Ticket bookings cannot be made for other events.

Verkatehdas ticket sales charges 3 euro (incl. VAT) per ticket for any change of seat requested for tickets that have been paid and collected.

We are happy to help you with group ticket purchases. Call Verkatehdas ticket sales or stop by the ticket sales counter for more information.

A ticket gift card for Verkatehdas’ public events is a pleasant and immaterial gift idea for a friend or family member, for example!

Tickets for all public events in Verkatehdas’ Vanaja Hall are sold through Ticketmaster, so you can buy tickets for all events in Vanaja Hall with a Ticketmaster gift card. You can get a physical gift card at Verkatehdas ticket sales or at a Ticketmaster outlet near you. You can also purchase a Ticketmaster gift card online.

In addition to Ticketmaster gift cards, you can also purchase gift cards from Verkatehdas’ ticket sales. The gift cards can be used towards tickets for any of the nationally marketed events put on by the operator in question.

Event organizers may set discounts for their events, such as student, senior or children discounts. Any discounts are on an event-by-event basis. You can find price information for each event in our event calendar.

You can find discounted prices for students through the Slice Häme service. You can view the benefits through Slice or Pivo mobile apps.

Please also note that in addition to possible ticket discounts, students will receive a cloakroom service at Verkatehdas’s public events free of charge by showing a student card (value €2.50). In addition to this, during the public event intermissions, we offer free coffee, tea or cocoa (value €4) to the buyer of a sweet or savory pastry as a student benefit. You can claim the benefit by showing your student card. Read more about the benefit.

You can use Kaikukortti to events organized by the city of Hämeenlinna at Verkatehdas. You can find the events covered by the benefit here. More information from Verkatehdas’ ticket sales.

An assistant or support person for a disabled individual who has an EU Disability Card that is marked with the letter A will generally be allowed entry to events free of charge. Exceptions to this are possible, so please check the information for the specific event from our Event calendar. Further information about accessibility can be found here.

Ticketmaster webshop

You can purchase tickets to Verkatehdas events from the Ticketmaster webshop. Our Event calendar will take you directly to the ticket sales page in the Ticketmaster webshop for the event in question. You can also go to the homepage of the webshop via this link.

Ticketmaster phone service

You can purchase tickets to Verkatehdas events through Ticketmaster’s phone service.

Open weekdays 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Price: €1.98/min + local network rate

Other Ticketmaster outlets

In addition to Verkatehdas ticket sales, you can also purchase tickets to Verkatehdas events from other Ticketmaster sales locations.