Hämeenlinnan kaupunki

In brief

Verkatehdas (Finnish for baize factory) is an old factory turned into an atmospheric venue for diverse events. From concerts to contemporary circus and from small meetings to international conferences, Verkatehdas provides functional accommodations with state-of-the-art equipment. We have the best professionals in the house to help you make your event a memorable one.

Versatile Vanaja Hall is the heart of our venue. We also have five smaller rooms for meetings or group work plus a movie theater with four screens. In the middle of all this is the spacious glass-roofed hall, which can be used as a check-in or exhibition area, lounge or as a dining hall. The restaurant and foyers in all three floors serve as a comfortable space for our in-house catering.

Event halls

Vanaja hall

The Verkatehdas Music and Congress Hall provides unique facilites for arranging different types of events. The hall is equally suitable for concerts and congress events as well as business events or theater productions.

The capacity of the hall varies depending on the event. The adaptibility of the auditorium is based on the main floor area, which can be built into an ascending mode, a plain floor or a terraced version. The terraces can be furnished with congress or club tables according to the customer's needs. A plain floor provides the opportunity for dancing to live music or fine dining. The chosen design of the venue will compliment the nature of the event and help to create the right atmosphere.

The size of the stage can also be altered to create space for an orchestra pit. The acoustics of the hall can be adjusted to meet the customer's requirements.


The capacity of the ascending auditorium varies depending on the desired size of the stage. The size can be altered with proscenium risers, which either increases the size of the stage or the auditorium. The risers can also be lowered for an ochestra pit.

The main floor of the hall is constructed telescopically, thus it can be transformed from an ascending auditorium into a plain floor or terraced option. This enables the customer to choose an auditorium only partly seated or furnished with tables, instead of a traditional seating plan. 

Setup Sitting Standing Seated Total
Congress hall 703 0 0 703
Partly seated with standing room 353 828 0 1181
Dinner event 0 0 200 200
Club 346 0 200 546

Technical information

The technical equipment of Verkatehdas will meet the needs of even the most demanding productions. Our technical system is designed to achieve optimal compatibility with the equipment used by touring professionals.

The execution of productions is supported by adjustable acoustics and riser technique. The size of the stage can vary from 150 square meters to 450 square meters. 17 meters of height enables the use of impressive visual effects.

Sounds specifications

  • Nexo PA & monitoring
  • DiGiCo SD8 console
  • Klark Teknik active splitters
  • An extensive range of wired and wireless microphones.


  • Barco HDX-W18 projector
  • HD video mixer


  • 300 pcs of Sinewave and thyristor dimmer channels
  • Grand Ma 2 control desk
  • Wide range of conventional and moving lights
  • Follow spots Robert Juliat HMI 2,5kW (2 pcs)
  • MDG-hazer


  • Computer operated hoists
  • Speaker hoists
  • Prop bar hoists
  • Curtain and smoke curtain hoists
  • Vestical lifts
  • Stage chain hoists
  • Orchestra riser
  • Curtain
  • 300m² of dance mat
  • Back curtains, black/white
  • Side curtains, black

Loading access

Space for two trucks/buses in a roofed hall. Direct access with no steps from the loading dock to the stage. The size of the doors correlates with the size of the back doors of a freight-truck. There is also a scissor lift connection from street level to the loading dock. Temporary storage can be arranged in a separate, heated loading space and the sidestage areas.

For further info, please contact Technical Manager Mr. Tommi Kantanen, tommi.kantanen@verkatehdas.fi, +358 40 557 3148.

Glass-roofed hall

All entrances, public spaces and the Music and Congress Hall are connected by a large, glass-roofed courtyard. It serves as a spacious and enjoyable assembly hall but is also suitable for party events and exhibitions. Cocktail catering or buffet dining can easily be arranged in the courtyard.

Conference rooms

Conference room 1

Spacious conference room (91m²). Large windows provide maximum daylight. The generous size of the room enables different furnishing options, if more space is required.

Setup Sitting Standing Seated Total
Chairs in rows 100 0 0 100
Classroom 0 0 60 60
U-shape 0 0 36 36
Diplomat 0 0 40 40
Group tables 0 0 38 38

Conference room 2

The smallest conference room (32m²) can be furnished in various ways. It is a bright and efficient environment, ideal for a smaller meeting or working in groups.

Setup Sitting Standing Seated Total
Chairs in rows 20 0 0 20
Classroom 0 0 12 12
U-shape 0 0 14 14
Diplomat 0 0 16 16
Group tables 0 0 16 16

Conference room 3

The bright and stylish VIP conference room (51m²) is furnished with a sturdy diplomat table. The equipment will suit the needs of even the most demanding clients. The room provides a straight entry to the foyer bar, through which you can also enter the Music & Congress Hall.

Setup Sitting Standing Seated Total
Diplomat 0 0 20 20


The studio's technical equipment provides the opportunity to create memorable moments. The space (101m²) enables even production of small performances. You can choose between a plain floor or ascending floor levels.

Setup Sitting Standing Seated Total
Chairs in rows 120 0 0 120
Classroom 0 0 50 50
U-shape 0 0 36 36
Diplomat 0 0 36 36
Group tables 0 0 44 44

Bio Rex auditoriums

The four auditoriums feature PA equipment and large screens. Comfortable seating, soft acoustics and air conditioning ensure a pleasurable and efficient conference setting.

Setup Sitting Standing Seated Total
Bio Rex 1 256 0 0 256
Bio Rex 2 157 0 0 157
Bio Rex 3 132 0 0 132
Bio Rex 4 98 0 0 98

Restaurant Iso Huvila

The ground floor restaurant serves guests from breakfast until dinner or even a late night snack. The space can also be furnished with cocktail tables and a small stage can be built for speeches and performances.

Setup Sitting Standing Seated Total
Dinner tables 0 0 140 140