Conference Centre

Everything you need for effective meetings can be found at the Conference Centre

The second floor of the main Verkatehdas building is dedicated to the Conference Centre, which is comprised of three stylish and functional conference rooms as well as the Green Screen Studio. The rooms of the Conference Centre are ideal for meetings and gatherings of 15–60 people.

Kokoushuone 1 Verkatehdas © Jari Kivelä

Conference room 1 is an efficient space for groups of up to 60 people

Conference room 1 is a comfortable meeting space for up to 60 people. The daylight flooding in from the large windows energises all participants, even during longer meetings, and the open space enables a variety of furnishing and equipment options. The distinctive feature of conference room 1 is its magnetic green wall that runs the extent of the room and that makes it easy to visualise even the most extensive plans. The other side of the room provides sprawling vistas of Lake Vanajavesi


U-shaped table

Boardroom seating

Classroom seating

Kokoushuone 2, Verkatehdas

Conference room 2 is an effective and compact meeting space

Our most modest conference room is conference room 2, whose square metres can be efficiently utilised for smaller groups and teamwork. The bright and intimate space functions especially well for meetings in which the efficient use of space is an advantage. Large windows and a glass wall ensure that the space has an airy, open feel.


Boardroom seating

Kokoushuone 3 Verkatehdas © Pasi Visakivi

Conference room 3 is our VIP meeting space with a distinguished boardroom atmosphere

Conference room 3 is known as our VIP meeting space, owing to the luxurious quality and dignity that it brings to any meeting. The stylishly decorated room is equipped with a sturdy boardroom-style table that can accommodate 20 meeting participants. The ergonomic and adjustable chairs and the 82-inch screen add a touch of comfort and class. The view of Lake Vanajavesi and the grand windows give the room an airy feeling.


Boardroom seating

Setup examples

Additional information

Conference room 1

Area: 91 m²

Conference room 2

Area: 32 m²

Conference room 3

Area: 51 m²

All conference rooms are equipped with the following:

  • PA technology
  • Computer
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • Flip chart.

Conference room 1 has a video projector and screen as well as a magnetic side wall that is approximately 40 m² in size. Conference room 2 and 3 have 82-inch TV screens.

Conference room 1 has an induction loop.
View the induction loop zone here.

The Conference Centre is ideal for:

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