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Event and intermission refreshments

Enjoy food and drink during the events

Verkatehdas Restaurant provides delicious event and intermission refreshments in connection with public events. Kanresta, the leading restaurateur for culture and event centres in Finland, runs Verkatehdas Restaurant with the utmost professional skill and high-quality management, and with an emphasis on domestic foods and focus on responsibility.

During the intermissions and before the events restaurant provides a wide selection of cold and hot beverages as well as range of finger foods and snacks. In addition to this, Ravintola Verkatehdas offers a delicious and versatile event buffet in connection with certain public events. You can check out the specific menu options for a particular event by selecting the event from the online form.

In addition to Verkatehdas Restaurant, which can be found next to the Vanaja Hall, there is also Theater Restaurant, connected to the main stage of Hämeenlinna Theater. Through this page, you can order event and intermission refshements not only for the events of the Vanaja Hall, but also for the shows of the Theater.

A wide selection of cold and hot beverages as well as range of finger foods and snacks available before the start of public events, and during the intermission, if the event has one. You can find information about a possible intermission on the attached order form or via the event calendar. You can familiarize yourself with the product selection via the order form. It is also possible to order wider preshow catering for groups of more than 20 persons by emailing or calling us.

In the spring of 2023, event buffets will be served in connection with the following events:

Fri 10.3.2023 | buffet available from 16:00 to 19:00
Juha Tapio: Elävien maassa 2023 | Vanaja Hall at 19:00

Sat 25.3.2023 | buffet available from 16:00 to 19:00
BEHM – Teatraaliset vivahteet | Vanaja Hall at 19:00

Fri 21/4/2023 | buffet available from 18:00 to 20:00
Vesterinen Yhtyeineen: Hetken ikuinen | Vanaja Hall at 21:00

Please note that Verkatehdas Restaurant reserves the right to change the schedule.

The price of the event buffet is €36 per person. The menu is comprehensive and versatile:

  • Egg cheese, roasted carrots and spinach VL, G
  • Pumpkin, quinoa and cauliflower M, G
  • Roasted country chicken, mushrooms and arugula M, G
  • Charred domestic rainbow trout, marinated potatoes and grandma’s cucumbers M, G
  • Green salad and sprouts M, G
  • Homemade bread and toasted butter L
  • Beef loin stewed overnight in a dark pepper sauce, roasted root vegetables and thyme potatoes M, G’
  • Dark chocolate and raspberry L, G
  • Coffee or tea

Event buffets are available on the 1st floor of Verkatehtas’ main building, in the premises of Verkatehdas Restaurant.

Event buffets must always be booked in advance, at least 5 days before the event. You can make a reservation via the form below, or by contacting the restaurant’s sales service.

As a student benefit, we will offer coffee, tea or hot chocolate (value € 4) free of charge for the buyers of sweet or salty pastries. The benefit can be redeemed by showing a student card.

If you want to pre-order intermission refreshments and use your student benefit, leave the hot drink you want out of the form. However, please write in the form for more information which drink you would like to redeem for your student benefit.

Order event and intermission refreshments in advance

If you order in advance, you’ll be able to fully relax and enjoy the show without queueing. Pre-orders can be made by using the online form or by calling or sending an email.

When you pre-order, please note that:

  • Event buffets must always be booked in advance, at least five business days before the event.
  • Intermission and preshow catering can be ordered on the spot, but we recommend pre-orders, as this will save you from queuing. Pre-orders must be made at least two business days before the event.
  • We pay special attention to special diets that are announced at least seven business days before the event. Special diets can be reported by contacting the restaurant’s sales service.
  • By ordering through the form, you can also pay online. We only cover paid or invoiced reservations.
  • Your pre-order is valid when you receive an email confirmation.

Orders in advance can also be made by contacting the restaurant directly

The sales service serves intermission reservations by phone from Monday to Friday from 9 to 11 am. Please note that there will be a charge for reserving meals by phone starting March 1, 2023 (reservation fee €3).
+358 45 120 4501

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