Corporate parties and functions

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Verkatehdas offers comprehensive services for different types of corporate functions and events. Our facilities are perfect for large celebrations, but can accommodate smaller, intimate gatherings equally well. Verkatehdas makes it possible to arrange formal functions, informal parties and everything in between. The idyllic and historically important setting provides the ideal backdrop for a celebration that will surely be remembered warmly for a long time to come.

Our expert personnel are responsible for the event planning and arrangements, thereby ensuring that the process is as effortless as possible for the customer. The most appropriate venue will be selected for your event from our list of venue alternatives and our restaurant services will ensure first-class catering.

At Verkatehdas, it is also possible to enhance your event with interesting programme services. Select something from our diverse range of cultural events, check out the creative community of actors within the Verkatehdas quarter or leave the programming up to our co-operative partners. Read more about your options.

What type of corporate events can be held at Verkatehdas?

Kickstart a new project, season, term, quarter or year with a successful and motivating kick off event. The facilities at Verkatehdas provide room for large groups to come together and for smaller teams to break off and conduct more intimate group work.

The stylish, festive and diverse facilities at Verkatehdas can be used to host a whole range of different jubilant functions, such as galas, annual celebrations or holiday parties.

Verkatehdas makes it possible to arrange a successful work wellness day or recreational outing for your work community. Our public events guarantee a diverse range of programmes or perhaps you would rather allow our co-operative partners to tailor a programme that meets your specific expectations for the day.

Our optimal venues for corporate parties and functions:

“The facilities at Verkatehdas were excellently suited to our needs, since we required technical solutions both in the main hall and on the stage. The artists also had plenty of space to themselves. Communications flowed smoothly and the customer’s needs were met quickly and flexibly.”

Mona Karlberg, DNA Oyj

Planning an event? Let us help you

“Verkatehdas provides quality in the form of functional spaces and dynamic event expertise. We’ll make optimal arrangements and help you to achieve your event objectives.”

Rita Kujanpää, Sales Manager
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Rita Kujanpää